My First oDesk Contract Ended

My first two months of having a dull oDesk profile did not do me any good. I was waiting and waiting for jobs to come in but there's nothing, zero, zilch, nada! Sure, I got a few interviews here and there but did not make it simply because of my dull oDesk profile. Now, after realizing what I needed to do and that's basically dazzling up my oDesk profile with all the skills test and good scores, I finally got 4 contracts with different employers all at the same time. It was crazy and overwhelming at first. I'm on my second work week, by the way, and I am getting the hang of it. But, what I realized also is that if this is only a part time job, it's not good to have 4 employers all at the same time because it can be quite demanding of your time.And so, as a consequence of being "overly employed", one of my contracts ended --- the easiest one which is blog commenting job. I may have neglected it simply because I knew it was an easy task where all the rest of my job requires me to really write articles that will be used for website contents. After checking my oDesk profile and saw that notification that one of my employers ended my contract, I got a bit disappointed but realized it was actually my fault since I am a newbie, I got so overwhelmed and took the job but did not put much effort on it. Anyway, the remaining three contracts, I hope to retain because I really want a part time online job. oDesk is the most reliable source of online job I know. :-)


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