How Creative People Think

A funny sharing just before Dr. Sternberg formally started talking about his theory on Successful Intelligence...

There was once a man, who was so tired of his job and wanted to give up because of pressure at work and most of all, because he did not like his boss. So, what he did was call up  a headhunter as he was ready to apply for other opportunities waiting for him. This guy will certainly get a high-paying job because of his very good credentials. But, instead of pushing through with his initial idea, he contacted the headhunter and gave his boss' application with the contact details and everything. Of course, the boss will get hired at any company given his good credentials as well. And so, after some time the headhunter finally found a great job for the boss, contacted the boss and eventually, the company offered him a better-paying job. Of course, the boss automatically took the offer!

Ending of the story: the boss finally resigned from his current job and the man was promoted to the boss' position.

This was how Dr. Sternberg exemplified his point about people thinking creatively; and successful people think creatively. The man in the story, definitely, is one of the most creative people on earth! :)


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