5 Ways to Relieve Stress from Work

I bet that I am not the only creature in this planet to experience pressure from daily routine work. Be it your overly authoritative boss, your overloaded day or grumpy office mates that make your day stressful, you need to find ways on how to release the pressure.

And so, I want to share with you 5 Ways on How to Relieve Stress from Work (based on my personal experience).

1. Do the Breathing Exercise
Just try to breathe in and breathe out for a few minutes just to clear things out in your mind. If you feel like very suffocated with what you're doing already, then do the breathing exercise. This is also one of the best ways to release your anger if you have just came out from an argument with someone in the office or if you have just been reprimanded by your evil boss. Instead of being cranky the whole day, take a few minutes to do the breathing exercise at the comfort of your work station to ease out the frustration and anger. It'll save you from having a heart attack.

2. Soothing Music
Turn on your iPod or MP3 player and listen to mellow music to attract relaxing emotion. Music can do a lot to our body system and even emotions! So, instead of pumping up the work environment with rock or alternative music to keep your eyes open, put on your headphones and tone down your negative feelings by listening to soothing music that can relax your mind and emotions.

3. Divert your Thoughts
If you've been facing your computer for over a certain period of hours and is still clueless on what to include in that report, then, time to minimize all those windows and click on a few games that can divert your thoughts away from what is bringing stress to your mind. It's not so bad to do a few mind exercise over the games available on your computer or the internet as long as you keep track of time not to fully leave those reports hanging. You need diversion, even for a few moments! After that, you'll realize that ideas will flow back smoothly once again!

4. Read Inspirational Articles or Funny Jokes
When you are too tired of your tasks for the day, treat yourself to a break and read inspirational articles to remind you that your duties in the office are still meaningful. Or better yet, take out your cellphone and read those funny quotes or jokes sent to you the previous days. There are a lot of funny stories available in the internet. Go ahead, maximize your access to these things so they can fully serve their purpose, and that is to actually entertain (you) the reader.

5. Imagine your Dream Vacation
If you're sulking that you are stuck with tons of work, then try thinking of your dream vacation. Just remember that after a difficult day, you need to reward yourself and that is through taking small vacations once or twice a year! It won't be that difficult as long as you have everything scheduled. So, think that after a long day or month long pressure from work, you'll be able to reward yourself with that dream vacation you've been waiting for.

So there, I hope this helps other people out there who are experiencing the same thing as I am --- being pressured from work. Let's take each day one step at a time!


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