3 Easy Steps on Becoming a Budget Traveller

I had my first out of town trip via airplane last 2006 when I was just starting my professional career. It was like a first-day-of-school feeling knowing that its my first time to go to the airport, pack up my baggage, do online booking, fly on an airplane and tour around Palawan. From this trip on, I began to learn my lessons in planning a well-budgeted vacation just like a 3 month-old child learning how to stand on his own feet.    
 So, here are my Top 3 Easy Steps on Becoming a Budget Traveller:

Step 1: Book your flight with airline promo fare
Nowadays, airlines have become so competitive in offering promo airfares: Among the Philippines domestic flight carriers, you can often find promo fares online via Cebu Pacific Airline (http://www.cebupacificair.com), Zest Airways (http://zestair.com.ph) and Air Philippines (http://www.airphilexpress.com). Make your ears and eyes wide open for the usual promo these companies offer and you are secured of your budget in planning your vacation.

Step 2:  Find cheap hotel rates
As a budget traveller, I am not very particular in staying in a 5-star hotel. Anyway, I will be out exploring the place or island most of the time. What I usually look for in a place to stay is the reasonable price, comfortable bed and neat comfort room. Hotel rates usually vary based on the time of the year whether it is the low season or peak season. So, it is better to make your reservations early so, you can get big discounts on hotel rates.

Step 3: Travel light
You do not have to bring your whole closet when you are traveling. It is best to pack with clothes made up of light and soft fabrics to lighten up you baggage. After all, you would not want to pay in excess of your baggage allowance. It will totally ruin your so-called "budget travel".

I hope you will be able to apply these tips in planning your vacation. If you will just constantly stay on that budget, then you are on your road to being a certified "budget traveller". Isn't that great? Leisure and relaxation just enough for your "wallet size".


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