Psychological Testing: A Tool for Selection and Employment

Psychological Testing has always been my passion. From the time I graduated, I knew I wanted to work in the educational setting. As what I've said from my previous post, I am posting the gist of what I discussed at Arellano University Manila last September 17, 2011.

It was one of the best moments in my life --- sharing about my passion, contributing to student's knowledge and filling the gap in their curious minds. I hope I have inspired them in my own little way. 

And here it is, I hope to share the same things with you....


3 Major Fields where Psychological Testing is being utilized

These are the areas where Psych Testing is used in the field of Education
but our discussion dwelt more on Admission of Students in schools. 

If you are recruiting students, these are the usual test battery given to them. 

In Recruitment, these are the purposes why we use Psychological Testing.

General Rules

So, if you will be asked...would you engage in the Education field or in the Industry?

Overall, I enjoyed giving the short seminar to the Psychology students. I also consider this as a part time job given that I am able to expand and improve my educational materials. For the mean time, I'm doing this short talks for free. You may place your comments here or email me at

My next short seminar will be at the University of Perpetual Help System (somewhere in the South). *wink*


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