What It Takes To Be A Teacher

My professor once challenged us to comment whether we agree or not that we are not attracting the best and brightest to become teachers because aside from the poor perks of teaching, the teachers have failed to inspire and challenge the youth to enter the teaching profession. Teachers in the country have become slaves of their superiors (especially in the public school), and some would even multitask to being clerks and assistants whenever VIPs arrived in their respective schools.

However, my take on this is....

I believe that it is just a factor (i.e. teachers becoming simply “slaves” of their superiors) why we do not attract the best and brightest to become teachers. Not many intelligent and bright students are made for teaching because, I agree with what my mother told me that teaching is a VOCATION and the noblest profession. My mother is an elementary school teacher for almost 30 years. I have heard her complain about paper works, activities, student behavior and hard-to-please superiors, but she never gave up on teaching. And this is the best example that I have seen suffice to believe that teaching is more than the salary, it is more than the college degree, it more than the license but most of all, teaching is truly one’s calling. Based on DepEd Statistics in 2010 (as posted http://www.deped.gov.ph/factsandfigures/default.asp), the teacher-student ratio in public schools is about 1:38 – 1:40 (one teacher for every 38-40 students). Currently, based on my observation in going around the public schools (in Sta. Rosa, Laguna area, there are about 60 students per class, so that makes it one teacher for every 60 students. In this video by Abiva Publishing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF2P8xowfsw), teachers further exemplified that they find satisfaction when they see students become successful and it gives such a rewarding feeling seeing their students succeed. The video also imparts that the teacher takes pride in molding the student’s values.

Thus, recruiting the best and brightest candidates could be just a sort of additional rewards for the institution. But, it would be best if we get teachers who have the passion and calling for teaching and molding the students. As the song in the video goes “I’m proud to be a teacher and teach for the joy of it; because when I teach, I touch and inspire them. Deep in my heart I know I answered the call. My purpose is to teach, to serve and make a difference”. This, for me, should be the most important factor in hiring or training teachers. 


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