My First Love Letter

This is a repost from my friendster blog 2 years ago. I just thought I'd share it also in my blog page.I think I also need to repeatedly remind myself how I love my job!

A few years ago (a year or two that I started working), I remembered a teacher/friend who told me that when you find joy in something that you do it is most likely that you’d be spending most of your years in that kind of job. But, when I tell my friends that I do this kind of work (psychological testing) they’d usually be surprised and would ask me if I don’t get bored at all because in some ways, it is routinary. And I would casually tell them, “Hindi naman, masaya nga eh.”. You see, there’s a big difference (a big difference in my point of view) between practicing psychological testing in school and in the industry. Of course, when you work in private firms you usually do recruitment and you are faced with adults or applicants of the company you work for. In this case it really becomes a routine, boring job for most people. In my case, I find it rather enjoyable. I get to interact with people of all sorts — from children all the way up to adults. I must admit that at times I really get fed up especially that I have to make reports. But still, I find satisfaction in what I do. I guess, my teacher/friend was right all along. Otherwise, I’d be somewhere else doing a different kind of work.

Two weeks ago, I had a testing session with 7-year old kids who are entering Grade 1. I remembered 6 years ago I had no idea how to deal with children because I somehow generalized all of them as naughty (Back then, my patience with children is not that strong). Anyway, on that one sunny Saturday morning, I’ve met a group of adoring, jolly, smart kids — all 9 of them. I went through the usual procedure like introducing myself, jumping and clapping a few times to keep them alive and kicking for almost 4 hours of exam. It was the same day that I received my first love letter…

Even if my name was quite mispelled (should be spelled with an “h”), this was the sweetest gift ever given to me. I can say this is incomparable to the expensive stuffs I’ve received from other people. This love letter truly made my day. And if my friends would ask me again if I really don’t get bored with my job, AT ALL…Well, not everyone gets the chance to receive a love letter like this one, right? :D


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