Holly's Coffee

I was already expecting that today is going to be a busy day. Volts has to confirm his enrollment in the Master's degree program at De La Salle University Manila. He preferred that we go there early to avoid traffic and given that offices in the university will be open until 12:00 nn only since it is a Saturday. And so, we hopped on the bus at around 8:30am and arrived at Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall at 9:30am. Well, not bad of a travel time from the South to Manila.

Anyway, while waiting for Volts to finish his transactions at DLSU, I decided to wait for him in the coffee shop near Andrew Hall. I was actually surprise to see that there is such a new, cozy coffee shop in the area! It made me think how long I have not been to Manila ever since I hibernated from doing my thesis for graduate studies.

As I entered the coffee shop, I went straight to browse the selection of pastries. They have croissants, sandwiches, donuts, and cakes. And then, I looked at the choices of drinks and in all fairness, they offer a wide array of coffee, frappe, tea, and soda. Just take a pick whether you want your coffee or frappe served hot or cold. Pretty impressive for a new establishment considering that there are 2 branches of Starbucks at Vito Cruz and surprisingly, there is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as well! Oh gosh, I was definitely on "promdi" mode. :)

Finally, I decided to order the cream cheese croissant priced at Php 70 and the regular Cafe Mocha at Php 130 with free whip cream on top. After that, I took my seat in the comfy chair while waiting for my cue. I was actually expecting that they would call my name like how they do it in Starbucks BUT their cuing system was actually very impressive and unique. I was given this black, circular object with a digital number flashing on the side. I was thinking that instead of my name, they would just call out my number which was, 6. But,  I was totally wrong! The circle object I placed on the table, vibrated and all these little red lights embedded on the cue number flashed. So, I realized, that's my order, that's me! :)

I was too shy to take pictures of the very artistic but minimalist-feel interior decorations at Holly's Coffee shop but, here are the consumables I ordered....

My cream cheese croissant and cafe mocha

In all fairness, the cream cheese croissant was very yummy as you taste the heated cheese. And the cafe mocha with whip cream was truly heavenly with every sip. On the other hand, I noticed that the place seemed to be Korean-inspired, perhaps the owner is from Korea because the label in the coffee cups are in Korean characters.

Anyhow, I was delighted by this newly-discovered place along Taft Avenue and a few meters across DLSU's  Andrew Hall. Coffee shops in this vicinity gave me the impression that Starbucks is the undergraduate corner while Holly's Coffee shop is for the more serious peeps like Graduate students (no offense meant!). Two thumbs up for Holly's Coffee! :)


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