Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball: Birthday Girl's Ramblings

I'm celebrating my 28th birthday  in two days and yet, I don't really feel giddy about it. First and foremost, the bad weather seems to disagree with our (me and my bf) plans to go on a beach vacation this coming Sunday. The weather bureau, PAG-ASA ( has constantly updated about rain showers until Tuesday because of the typhoon Mina. Secondly, I am way behind my readings for my Certificate in Teaching Course! So,  this long extended weekend  is a chance for me to catch up. Lastly, I'm sorry that I have to feel like this but, it came across my thoughts that my boyfriend is just trying to squeeze me into his jam packed schedule and to celebrate my birthday with me. Hence, my FRUSTRATION...I really just feel so bad right now. Some things are not just meant to be...


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