Resorts World Manila - My Birthday Bash!

August 29, 2011 marks my 28th birthday. Plan number one which was Puerto Galera get away was deleted from my list due to the typhoon Mina. So, we decided to just take a stroll at the ultimately grand Resorts World Manila, just across NAIA Terminal 3. I may not have spent a grand vacation by the beach but going to this particular spot in Manila made me feel like I'm not in Manila, at all! It was truly a world-class "empire" made for tourists. At the entrance you'll see the CASINO, where you have to leave your luggage no electronic gadgets allowed and we had to leave our cameras, too. 

If you would just like to take a stroll, there's an activity area similar to that of Glorietta where you see benches and fountain. Actually, I have observed that visitors in Resorts World are usually families, yuppies (young professionals), oldies and tourists (Caucasians and Asians). There are a lot of restaurants mostly of high-end type and you can choose whether you like Asian or more of the Western cuisine. 

We decided to explore further and realized that the Newport Mall is actually connected to Mariott and Maxims --- both are first class hotels in the country. Another thing that impressed me about Resorts World Manila, and it may sound  like a no-nonsense but, comfort rooms are always accessible and I think there are about 2 comfort rooms in every hallway of Resorts World! It was something I don't usually find in other malls. You may get intimidated with the place but if you really think about it, its just like the usual mall except that the ambiance will make you feel like you're not in the Philippines!

The highlight of our tour in the world-famous Resorts World Manila is the cinema experience. We watched Crazy, Stupid, Love which was a really feel-good movie but then again, made me believe about "soulmates". Anyway, Resorts World cinema was genuinely unique aside from the fact that they have movie schedules 12midnight and 3:00am! Talk about 24-hour entertainment! I have heard of Resorts World cinema that has lazy boy seats but unfortunately, Crazy, Stupide, Love was shown in cinema 4 which was just like an ordinary  cinema however, it was very neat and chairs were similar to that of those in the airplanes! haha! We arrived early for the 10:35 show and so, we had spare time for photo ops in the chic and cozy cinema lobby. Apart from that, movie-goers were ethical enough to bring out their trashes right after the movie has finished. I wish we are all like that in any cinema.

I wish we could go back again, perhaps even try playing in one of the slot machines in the casino. Overall, it was a pretty good birthday celebration. And Resorts World Manila, truly a world-class Philippine attraction! :)



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