Second Time Around

I spent the Holy Week with my boyfriend's family in Abra. Even though it's my second time to go to their place, which is actually a farm, it's always the simple things that makes me appreciate life -- the trees, chirping birds, rice fields, mountain valley and river. These things served as a reminder how God has wonderfully created the world. Anyway, we left Manila on Wednesday (Holy Wednesday) at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and with several stop overs for bathroom break and dinner, we got to their place called "Suli" at almost 2 o'clock in the morning of Thursday.
 (Holy Thursday)
had dinner at Soul Cafe - Rosario, Pangasinan
great-tasting steak at Soul Cafe 

We were all looking forward to the activities planned for the remaining days of vacation. On Thursday, after getting a few hours of sleep and after breakfast, we headed to pick mangoes in their backyard. There were a lot to pick and they look like giant mangoes. It was hard at first because when you look closely, the trees are full of ants. Nonetheless, we were able to get a lot with the help of a sort of gaff to pick those mangoes up in the tree.

In the afternoon we went to the river and brought a boat and floaters with us to enjoy swimming especially for Kiel (my boyfriend's nephew). However, I am not quite sure of what is the exact name of the river but we surely enjoyed the clear water as other natives of the place were doing their laundry in the area. If you don't really feel like taking a dip into the deeper side of the river (like me!), what I did was lie down and enjoyed in the flowing water on the shallow part. The rocks served as my mattress and it felt like going to the spa or something as you hear the river flowing and feel the water through your body.

On the following day, Friday (or Good Friday), we had a trekking experience through the rice fields, trees and the hill. 

While on the way to the hill, we made a few stops to take a rest and we actually found a deep well, a hut and a hammock. It was tiring since we were all under the heat of the sun but it was relaxing seeing the trees and realizing how far we've gone in walking/trekking.

On Black Saturday, there was this sort of family reunion at "Suli" (the term for my boyfriend's residence in Abra). There were a lot of Ilocano-speaking oldies, of course, it is the people of Abra's original dialect. I actually thought that I would like to learn the dialect as well. Even if my dad is Ilocano, he does not speak like that in our house. But, at least, I wish my brother and I learned a word or two. That would be really nice! :)

The last day of our so-called vacation was Easter Sunday. At the break of dawn, we attended this Filipino tradition called, "Salubong" where the angel (represented by a girl) took off Mama Mary's black cloak since Jesus had already risen from the dead. Kids were dressed up like angels and it was impressive that they got out of bed very early in the morning.

After that, we celebrated the Easter Sunday mass and right after breakfast, started on our way home....

 I love Abra and I will definitely be back next year with an Ilocano tongue! :)


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