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First oDesk Payment via Metrobank

I have been doing some oDesk jobs since October 2011. It's just a part-time job for me and I started out with $1/hour rate. So, come December 2011, I had accumulated $43 for several writing and blogging jobs. My initial payment method was through my Metrobank ATM Savings Account. I thought of withdrawing my oDesk salary since the first withdrawal is for FREE. So, I withdrew all $43 last December 21 and I got an email that I am expected to receive the payment on December 27 at Php 42 per $1 exchange rate, so, I should expect Php 1,700 plus worth of payment.

Lo and behold, I was really glad when I checked my ATM I indeed received my writing and blogging money from oDesk! I was so giddy and relieved that my hard earned money was in my account even with a few days of waiting. It could have been faster if December 26 was not declared a US holiday. Nevertheless, I just wanted to share with you how happy I am about this very smooth transaction. Kudos to oDesk team and to Metrobank as we…

Work at Home versus Routine Office Job

I have been pondering on giving up my full time job so that I can focus more on my online job. I have been working in the school setting for almost 9 years and my work entails research and other routine office jobs. Although I enjoy meeting children and parents, I would still want to have the FREEDOM to be my own boss and have a FULL CONTROL on my schedule.

Here are some of my reflections on having a ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB versus WORKING AT HOME.

Why I like to retain my ROUTINE FULL TIME JOB?

1. I like the sense of security that I earn monthly (even though, its still insufficient for my expenses).
2. I have the health benefits where I do not have to shell out money in emergency cases.
3. I treasure the friendship I've built through time.
4. I like the minimal dividends I get from the cooperative.
5. I would still like to finish my Master's degree thesis.

Now, here are the reasons why I would just like to WORK AT HOME-FULL TIME:

1. I earn dollars which is relatively higher than…

Food Tripping in Tagaytay City

We went on a road trip to Tagaytay one weekend. A road trip which turned out to be a food trip as well. Years back we visited Gourmet Restaurant in KM 52 Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City. It has an old-vintage feel with a grand piano on the center of the restaurant. After 3 years, we visited the place and it has transformed into a whole niew modern Greek-inspired restaurant. I must say that I miss the old restaurant which has the "homey" and warm atmosphere as compared to what it is now which is like a one big reception hall. 
Well, just to share some photos of the food we ate:

 After lunch, we proceeded to Cliffhouse in Tagaytay and splurge on a variety of crepes for dessert at Cafe Breton.

I wonder where will be our next food trip this holiday season. Happy Food Tripping everyone! :)

Kojic Soap For Sale

I am selling KOJIC SOAP  for only Php 50!!! It's very effective in removing pimples and skin blemishes. I've been using it for almost 3 years.

For orders you can email: or or text 0927 211 6283 (c/o Christine).

Disclaimer: Dermatological effects may vary.

My Top 3 Christmas Wish List

It's Christmas Time once again! I don't normally write down wishes to receive as christmas gifts but, I try to list think of gadgets or stuff that I really wanna have for myself. It serves as a reward as well for the good year that "has been". This year, Christmas 2011 I decided to make my own wish list! It's just a wish list, anyway dreams are free so dream BIG.

Here are my Top 3 Christmas Wish List:

1. Apple iPhone 4

2. Apple iPad2

3. LED television

Again, these are just my personal wishes. But, who knows, I might just be able to get these one by one throughout the coming months. How about you, what's on that list for Christmas?

Coron, Palawan - A Flashback

It just so happen that I stumbled upon old pictures in my files. One of the places I would repeatedly go to is Palawan. Palawan is simply rich with culture, nature both under the sea and above the sea. I was fortunate enough to travel to Coron, Palawan -- one of the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines. Coron is simply a quiet town in the northern part of Palawan. Back in 2009 when I went there with my friend, we were simply in awe for the magnificent natural surroundings.

I would like to share with you what our tour was like back then...

 We were on a tight budget and that time, prime hotels are located in the other islands of Coron. So, we opted to stay in Coron town proper and booked accommodation at Darayonan Lodge. Its very accessible to almost everywhere. Staff were friendly too. But, we did not like the native cottages so, we stayed in the newly renovated modern building which was equipped with aircon, veranda, bed and shower. It was fair enough for the amount we paid…

Samsung Galaxy Y: Arriving Soon

After a few years of maintaining a Prepaid phone line, I have finally decided to enlist in Globe Telecom's Postpaid Plans. I am so excited to be one of the owners of this Samsung mobile phone. It's a phone plus mobile internet and Quick Office all at the same time, in one gadget! Really cool and handy!

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Y! It's FREE when you apply for Globe Plan 599!

I can't wait to touch and hold you Samsung Galaxy Y!!! You'll be mine, SOON. :)

Microtel Inn - Manila: A Review

Since I started attending conventions and conferences held in different parts of the Philippines. I managed to appreciate the good luxurious opportunity of staying in hotels. I have been to Microtel Inn - Mactan, Cebu and it was fairly good except for the overly pricey food. This time, I had the opportunity to stay in Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia in Manila. Overall, it was pretty much standard with the other Microtel branches nationwide. The interiors are quite different maybe because it caters to various kind of clients - local and foreign. But, the room and facilities are generally the same for all Microtel Inn branches.

Microtel Inn - SM Mall of Asia Manila branch looks like the pictures I'll share with you below:

 When you are on the sunset view of the room, you will get to see this picturesque scenario of the city life..

They have quite a limited space in the lobby. In the evening, part of the lobby is converted into a bar. In the morning, it becomes an extension of the buf…

Liliw, Laguna: Other Than Sandals And Slippers

People usually flock to Liliw, Laguna because the town is known to be a footwear capital where you can buy slipper/sandal bargains. Little did I know that Liliw is a hideaway for this very idyllic restaurant called "Arabela". If you arrive at the place, you will notice that it is just a basement part of a whole house but it was really jam packed with tourists -- local and foreigners. The place was quaint, dainty and the whole ambiance was really excellent.

They serve meals which are mostly Italian like pizza and pasta, but they have rice meals with steak and barbecue. Here are some photos I took, mostly are food that we ordered and some pastry displays on the restaurant:

Indeed, there's more to Liliw than shoes and slippers. Arabela is the place to dine out after the tiresome footwear shopping. It's definitely one of the coziest place in this part of Laguna. :)