Early Bird Breakfast Club --- A Dessert Haven!

I would consider Early Bird Breakfast Club as one of the coziest places in Ayala Mall Solenad Nuvali. Aside from the all-day breakfast items, they have quite a number of tempting desserts. We already tried out the meals previously. This time around, we just wanted to have a taste of their dessert as recommended by a friend. 
So, after our early lunch from another restaurant, we headed to the Early Bird Breakfast Club to check out their dessert menu. We ordered the Brownie ala mode which is a slice of brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. 

The presentation was impressive. It was served to us on a hot plate and the restaurant crew poured in the chocolate syrup which had a sizzling effect. For someone with a sweet tooth, this is definitely the perfect dessert for you! The serving size is good for two. Price is average and really worth it. 

So, if your taste buds are craving for some sweet flavor, share the "sweetness" at Early Bird Breakfast Club. The desser…

It's a Sundate: Breakfast at Antonio's

So, we spent our Sunday morning at Breakfast at Antonio's along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, about 4km away from Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay.

It was a cloudy and cold morning perfect for an early road trip. We love going up to Tagaytay early in the morning before it gets too crowded and traffic. We usually head to Bag of Beans for breakfast dates but we wanted to try out this popular restaurant, Breakfast at Antonio's.

We ordered Sauteed Corned Beef with rice, Sausage with rice, Classic Pancakes, brewed coffee and hot chocolate. Price range was about 400 to 500++ pesos per meal except for the drinks priced at 120 to 180 pesos.

The ambiance is great. The place is perfect for families, couples, barkadas and even business meetings.

The food is filling but its nothing to rave about plus a bit pricey compared to Bag of Beans. Overall budget per person is about 500 to 700 pesos per head.

The staff are warm and polite. Even the limited parking space is organized. It's probably a long…
It was a mixture of emotion when I finally found my name among those who qualified as Psychometrician, exempted from taking the licensure exam. The next thing to look forward to is getting the actual ID from PRC. And so, last Friday, I braved the heavy traffic from Laguna to Manila to file my requirements to get my license. I left after lunch and arrived 4pm, just one hour from closing time.
I had all the requirements with me and proceeded to Window12 where I had my requirements checked. The lady instructed me to fill up some missing info and paste my ID pictures on the forms. She said "Pakidikit po ng ID dito.Doon po may pandikit sa kabilang side." She was referring to the long table where they had available glue. I noticed how they find pleasure in making people go back and forth because the lady in front of me went back several times already.

So, I did not leave the counter like what other people did and made her see that I had a gigantic glue with me to paste my picture. T…

Dakak Trip: In Photos

This has been a long overdue post. My college friends and I would go on a trip every year. The most recent one was our trip to Dakak. It took us a year to plan this getaway since we always look for promo airfare.

So, here's our Dakak photos! :)